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Zumo Learning System

Zumo Learning System | Special Needs Tools

Zumo Learning System

Price: $299.00 Sale $159.99

Smart Toys

Brand: Zyrobotics

SKU: 739340061104


The Zumo Learning System provides an accessible learning environment for children of all abilities. Zumo helps children fall in love with STEM.

* Includes a 7″ Tablet, Math Games and a Wireless Smart Toy, named Zumo

* Unique technology maps physical movements to touch screen gestures

* A suite of apps are included that are specially designed to enable tactile-based learning

* Designed for K-3rd graders for learning in the home or classroom

* Apps are customizable to the special needs of each child

* Zumo offers many different play experiences through apps already available on iTunes

* Limited Quantities. Limited Time Offer