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TabAccess | Zyrobotics


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Switch Interfaces

Brand: Zyrobotics

SKU: 739340061111


TabAccess, bluetooth switch interface, makes it possible for anyone with motor limitations to use Apps and play games on an Android tablet or iPad without touching the screen.

TabAccess is a Bluetooth Switch Interface. It uses patent-pending technology to provide tablet access for special needs persons with motor limitations.

  • Connectivity for multiple accessible devices such as sip/puff, button switches, grasp switches
  • Wirelessly control tablet apps and play games
  • Enables input of multiple switches (up to three)
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Compatible with iOS Switch Control Events
  • Out-of-the box operation
  • Small size, light and compact
  • Easy mounting for powered wheelchairs, adjustable beds, etc.
  • Works with switch accessible Apps (iOS and Android)